In a constantly changing sector such as pharmaceutical, laboratories must adapt themselves to the new Regulatory requirements.

The agility and ability to adapt to changes are what mark success.

Since we care about patient safety and we commit with the needs of the Industry, Netpharmalab and Dalia Global Services join forces to offer a complete toxicological service.

Since its foundation, Netpharmalab has been investing and dedicating many of its efforts and resources to the improvement of the detection and quantification of mutagenic impurities or potentially toxic components in pharmaceutical products

Dalia Global Services are based on the best toxicologists in Spain, they are members of AETOX, EUROTOX and ERT and they are highly specialized in the toxicological assessment of raw materials and pharmaceutical products.

The union of both companies allows us to offer our customers a complete service that allows them to care for all toxicological issues in their portfolio.