Toxicology testing

Toxicology is an increasingly critical aspect in the pharmaceutical industry, especially given the increasing attention to the detection of genotoxic impurities in active ingredients. This reality underscores the importance of rigorous and multifaceted toxicological evaluation throughout the life cycle of a medicine.

Our collaboration with Dalia Global significantly expands our ability to offer a comprehensive toxicology service. This synergy begins with the risk testing carried out by Dalia Global, recognized by its team of experts in toxicology and preclinical, members of prestigious associations such as AETOX, EUROTOX and ERT. These preliminary analyses are essential to identify possible risks in the early stages of a drug’s development.

At Netpharmalab, we complement this process with our specialized analyses, carrying out detailed and precise studies in our advanced facilities. Our approach focuses not only on the identification of impurities, but also on their quantification and analysis of their potential impact on patient safety.

Finally, Dalia Global carries out a global toxicological evaluation of the results. This comprehensive review ensures that all toxicological considerations have been adequately addressed and that the final product meets the highest safety standards.

Our commitment to toxicological excellence

The collaboration with Dalia Global reflects our commitment to excellence in all aspects of pharmaceutical toxicology. Our holistic approach ensures that every medicine that passes through our hands is thoroughly evaluated, from the earliest stages of development to final evaluation, ensuring maximum safety for patients. This strategic alliance strengthens our position as leaders in the industry, offering a first-line toxicological analysis and evaluation service in the pharmaceutical sector.

Contact our experts in impurities testing and toxicological risk assessment in pharmaceutical products to request more information without obligation or resolve any questions.

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