At Netpharmalab we are experts in laboratory analysis and testing. We collaborate with the pharmaceutical and health sectors in the development of their analytical controls to guarantee the efficacy and safety of their products and processes.

Microbiological analysis and testing

Microbiological control is essential in all healthcare, clinical, pharmaceutical and research sectors. We offer comprehensive microbiological control services adapted to the specific needs of each client and their products.

Physicochemical analysis and testing

Together with microbiological controls, the physicochemical analysis of pharmaceutical products ensures their efficacy and safety. We have multiple physicochemical analysis techniques adapted and optimised to the requirements of the client and their production.

Stability studies

Stability studies ensure the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products throughout their shelf life and serve to establish their expiry date. We carry out stability studies adapted to the products and characteristics of each client.


Toxicological evaluation of products is becoming increasingly important for the pharmaceutical industry. We offer screening services for different levels of genotoxic impurities in various active ingredients, as well as the toxicological assessment that must be taken into account during the life cycle of medicines. We offer a complete service from the toxicological point of view including previous risk analyses and the global toxicological evaluation of results.