Estudios de Pre-estabilidad

During the pharmaceutical development multiple galenical trials are necessary in order to achieve a prototype formulation suitable for the objectives set for each product.

In this stage, pre-stability studies or stress studies are useful. In these studies, the products are stored under aggressive conditions (heat and humidity) with the aim of forcing their degradation and assessing their stability in shorter time.

What is needed for these studies?

For these studies qualified and calibrated climatic chambers are necessary. Although in the pharmaceutical development phase, the GMP certification is not required, at Netpharmalab we work with high quality standards.

What Netpharmalab offers to you…

At Netpharmalab we offer the possibility to store the samples in the different climatic chambers as well as the analysis of these samples according to the pre-stability stability protocol.

The different climatic chambers for these studies that we offer are:

  • 25ºC/ 60% RH
  • 30ºC/ 65% RH
  • 30ºC/ 75% RH
  • 40ºC/ 75% RH

In addition, at Netpharmalab we prepare the protocols, the results summaries and reports.