International collaboration in pharmaceutical research

Pharmaceutical research and testing

Pharmaceutical research requires greater investment and logistical support for the development of the sector and to face the new health challenges of the future International cooperation is essential in R&D within the pharmaceutical industry and research. The exchange of knowledge on an increasingly global scale, between public entities, administrations, research centers, health centers, universities and

Challenges and opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry after COVID-19

Pharmaceutical industry challenges and opportunities

After the pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry has experienced a boom that is not exempt from challenges that it must currently solve Once the COVID-19 pandemic was over, the pharmaceutical industry achieved greater recognition around the world. Not only among the general population, but also for governments and international institutions to allocate funds to the research

The importance of pharmacovigilance

pharmacovigilance and medications monitoring

Pharmacovigilance aims to identify, quantify, evaluate and prevent risks associated with medications or vaccines With pharmacovigilance, adverse reactions or any other health problem related to drugs or vaccines are detected, evaluated and prevented. The objective of pharmacovigilance is to report adverse effects of medications at any time during their production and also during their consumption,

Impact of medical cannabis regulation on the pharmaceutical industry

Medical cannabis regulation and testing

Spain is a producing country, it has initiated the procedures to approve the regulation of medical cannabis, but it has not yet legalized its therapeutic use The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), dependent on the Ministry of Health, has notified the International Narcotics Control Board of a production forecast of 36 tons

Advances in vaccine development and research in Europe

Vaccine development and lyophilization

The development of vaccines, innovations and projects that address problems such as cancer, some viruses and diseases without a vaccine have been launched In a recent study by Vaccines Europe, it emphasized how important it is to continue researching and developing vaccines. And since Covid-19 it has become clear that, in a very short time,

Control of nitrosamines in the pharmaceutical industry

Control of nitrosamines and impurities in medicines

What are nitrosamines and continuous control of nitrosamines in the pharmaceutical industry Nitrosamines are defined as organic compounds that have a nitrous functional group, which can be present in routine foods (meats, vegetables and dairy products), in common consumer products (cosmetics, plastics, rubber and even personal hygiene products) and in medicines. For this reason, the

The Ministry of Health begins procedures to regulate medical cannabis

Regulation of medical cannabis

The Spanish Ministry of Health has announced the beginning of the procedures to develop the Decree that approves the regulation of medical cannabis The Spanish Ministry of Health has recently announced the opening of the procedures for the development of the Royal Decree with which the regulation of cannabis for medical use will be approved.

What is galenical development in the pharmaceutical industry?

Galenical development in the pharmaceutical industry

Galenic development in the pharmaceutical industry guarantees the desired effect, correct dosage and adequate administration of medications Galenical development in the pharmaceutical industry is understood as the development of specific pharmaceutical formulas that, in addition to guaranteeing that the substance will produce the desired therapeutic effect in the established time, allows for correct dosage and

Pharmaceutical lyophilization: what it is and what it is used for

Pharmaceutical lyophilization and shelf life

In the pharmaceutical lyophilization, water is extracted from a drug, maintaining its properties and extending its shelf life, and then easily reconstitute it by adding water Pharmaceutical lyophilization, also known as dehydrofreezing, is defined as a process in which a completely frozen sample is placed under vacuum to eliminate the water or other solvents it