Growth promotion testCulture media control: growth promotion test

Microbiological analysis in the pharmaceutical industry is a critical process that ensures the quality and safety of products. Within this analysis, the growth promotion test for culture media is an essential step, following the guidelines of the European Pharmacopoeia. This test is carried out for each batch of culture medium and its purpose is to confirm the effectiveness of these media in promoting the adequate growth of microorganisms.

Detailed growth promotion test

At Netpharmalab we carry out the growth promotion test of culture media following a meticulous process that includes several stages: the negative test, growth promotion and the study of the inhibitory properties of the media. These stages are crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of the culture media in both promoting the growth of desired microorganisms and inhibiting unwanted ones.

Use of specific microbial strains

We use specific microbial strains in accordance with the provisions of the European Pharmacopoeia, serving as indicators in the evaluation of culture media. These strains are essential to verify the suitability and effectiveness of the media in cultivating relevant microorganisms.

Equipment and regulatory compliance for culture media

We have qualified incubation ovens, adjusted to the temperature and time ranges required by regulations. In addition, we maintain strict adherence to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring the quality and traceability of our results.

Precise execution and maintenance of strains

Our team is highly trained in the precise execution of the growth promotion test. We ensure that the microbial strains used are properly prepared and maintained, ensuring the reliability and relevance of our analyses.

Reliable, high-quality results

We strictly follow the guidelines of the European Pharmacopoeia, which allows us to provide high-quality and reliable analysis results. Our commitment to analytical excellence and regulatory compliance is essential to ensure the validity and accuracy of our services.

Our commitment

At Netpharmalab we understand the importance of accurate and reliable microbiological analysis in the pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to offering culture media growth promotion testing services that meet the highest quality standards and international regulations. Our detailed and rigorous approach ensures that our clients receive accurate and reliable results, critical to the safety and effectiveness of their pharmaceutical products. Our goal is to be a trusted partner in microbiological quality assurance, providing essential services for product validation and approval in a global market.