desinfectants qualification

Disinfectants qualification

Environmental microbiological quality control is a vital component in the pharmaceutical industry, being key to complying with Good Manufacturing Standards (GMP) and ensuring the manufacture of safe and high-quality pharmaceutical products. Therefore, the qualification of disinfectants is necessary since this control implies the use of products that are effective against a wide range of microorganisms, both pathogenic and environmental.

Selection and use of appropriate disinfectants

At Netpharmalab we focus our efforts on ensuring the use of effective disinfectants to eliminate relevant microorganisms in pharmaceutical environments. This includes the selection of agents that act effectively against pathogens and environmental microorganisms.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of disinfectants

We use specific microbial strains, obtained from recognized reference sources, to evaluate the effectiveness of disinfectants against microorganisms of pharmaceutical importance. This allows us to determine its effectiveness and suitability in different production environments.

Equipment and technical experience

We have qualified incubators and maintain solid experience in the management and characterization of microbial strains. This allows us to perform reliable and accurate analyzes to ensure that disinfectants are effective under various conditions of use.

Qualification of disinfectants according to regulations

We carry out specific tests on disinfectants, using both pathogenic microorganisms and those present in the facilities, following the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia and the specific requirements of each client. This qualification is essential to confirm that disinfectants are suitable and effective for microbiological control in pharmaceutical facilities.

Collaboration and personalized service

We work closely and directly with our customers to ensure that the disinfectants used in their facilities and cleaning processes are best suited for their specific needs. In this way, we contribute to maintaining quality and safety throughout the production process of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our commitment

We are committed to providing the highest quality microbiological quality control services. Our focus is on ensuring that disinfectants used in the pharmaceutical industry are effective and contribute to maintaining a safe and contamination-free production environment. With our expert team and our advanced analytical methods, we guarantee rigorous and reliable analyses, adapting to the specific needs of each client to offer personalized and effective solutions in microbiological control.