Bioburden testing and microbial analysis for the pharmaceutical industry

Bioburden testing, or microbial load analysis, is a crucial procedure in the pharmaceutical industry, used to evaluate the amount of microorganisms present in a product before and after sterilization. This analysis is essential to determine the effectiveness of the sterilization process and to identify possible sources of contamination.

Evaluation of contamination and sterilization efficiency

We perform bioburden testing to evaluate microbial contamination from materials, the environment and the manufacturing process. This analysis is essential for products that require sterilization as a final part of their production process.

Microbial characterization and quantification

Our bioburden analysis process allows for detailed characterization and precise quantification of the microbial population. This is crucial to understand the nature of the contamination and to evaluate the effectiveness of the sterilization method used.

Compliance with regulations and certifications

We are certified for Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ensuring that our tests and processes meet the highest quality standards and regulations in the industry.

Accurate counting and highly reliable microbial identification

We offer bioburden analysis that ensures accurate counting and reliable microbial identification. We use advanced techniques and specialized equipment to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Customized solutions for each customer

At Netpharmalab we understand that each client and product may have unique requirements. Therefore, we adapt our bioburden assays to meet the specific needs of each project, guaranteeing a service that adjusts to the individual demands of each client.

Our commitment

At Netpharmalab we are committed to providing the highest quality bioburden testing services. Our goal is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical products through meticulous and precise analysis of the microbial load.

With our team of experts and advanced technology, we provide comprehensive solutions to evaluate and ensure microbiological quality, thereby contributing to the production of safe and effective pharmaceutical products. We are dedicated to being a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical industry, offering specialized services that meet and exceed industry expectations and regulations.