Development of sterile and non-sterile liquid forms

formas liquidas

At Netpharmalab we understand the growing demand for liquid forms in the pharmaceutical industry, covering a diversity of products such as paediatric medicines, ophthalmic eye drops, nasal sprays, injectables and topical solutions. These liquid formulations, depending on their use, vary in their sterility requirements, being crucial in certain applications such as injectables.

For the efficient development of these liquid forms, specialised equipment is essential. At Netpharmalab, we use high capacity materials and advanced agitation and thermostatisation systems, adapted to each product and process. For products requiring sterility, we implement rigorous sterilisation methods and operate under aseptic conditions to ensure product safety and effectiveness.

Experience in liquid formulations

Netpharmalab stands out for its extensive experience in the formulation of liquid dosage forms. We have a team of highly qualified professionals in formulation and process development. Our ability to perform autoclaving and sterilising filtration, as well as process and fill under aseptic conditions using isolators, puts us at the forefront of galenical development.

Our practical and cost-effective approach is reflected in our ability to work with volumes ranging from 50 mL to 1,000 mL, allowing us to conduct studies with minimal use of raw materials and significantly reduce development costs.

Our commitment

At Netpharmalab we are not only dedicated to meeting current market needs, but we also strive to innovate and advance in the field of galenical development. Our goal is to provide safe, effective and high quality liquid pharmaceutical solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each customer and each product.

Contact our team of specialists in galenical development and pharmaceutical formulation of sterile and non-sterile liquid forms to resolve any questions or to request more information about the services we provide to the pharmaceutical industry. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.