Galenical consulting in the pharma industryGalenical development consulting

Galenical development is a crucial stage in the creation of pharmaceutical products. It focuses on transforming the active ingredient into a pharmaceutical form that is effective and safe for the patient. This phase ensures that the therapeutic dosage is appropriate and that the release of the drug meets the criteria for efficacy (bioavailability) and safety (toxicity). It is in this phase of development and galenical consulting where our experience and skills especially stand out.

What Netpharmalab offers in galenical consulting

  • Accredited Experience: we have a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in galenical development, which allows us to offer a high-quality service and in-depth knowledge in this field.
  • Personalized Support and Advice: We provide comprehensive support and advice in the development and optimization of pharmaceutical formulations. This includes the design and refinement of manufacturing processes, ensuring that each product meets the required quality and effectiveness standards.
  • Technology Transfers and Industrial Processes: We offer technology transfer and manufacturing services for industrial processes, guaranteeing an effective and efficient implementation of new technologies and methods in the production of medicines.
  • Specialization in Modified Release Forms: Our experience extends to a wide range of dosage forms, with a particular focus on modified release forms, such as pellets, matrices, and osmotic pumps. This specialized knowledge allows us to develop products that meet specific drug release and absorption requirements.

Our commitment

With our galenical development and consulting services we guarantee that each pharmaceutical product we develop is of the highest quality and effectiveness. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in galenical development ensures that medicines not only meet therapeutic expectations, but also offer maximum patient safety and benefit. Our holistic approach and extensive experience in various dosage forms position us as leaders in the pharmaceutical sector, capable of meeting the challenges of modern medicine and meeting the changing needs of the market.