Netpharmalab is a Spain-based company located in Madrid, part of AGQ Labs Group, whose main mission is customer services providing quality control and distribution of pharmaceutical products as well as the research, development and innovation.

The strategy of our organization is based on the compliance with the current regulations and with the requirements of the customers.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We foster a culture of leadership and efficiency to achieve that our objectives become results and to offer quality and reliable services that meet the requirements of our clients, Agencies and our company.



In order to maintain and promote the integration of safety and the environment in the global management of the company we train and sensitize our employees in both fields, encouraging the active participation and minimizing the risks associated with the job positions, residues generation and the consumption of water and energy.



We have a total commitment to provide highly quality services to our clients, continuously improving the efficiency of the Quality System and adapting the benefits of our services. The use of new technologies, duly validated, allows us a greater control of the quality and a notable improvement in the efficiency.



We seek quality excellence in the services provided, meeting the agreed deadlines and promoting training and professionalism and facilitating the participation and involvement of the staff, as a guarantee to achieve a quality customer service.