The Spanish Ministry of Health has announced the beginning of the procedures to develop the Decree that approves the regulation of medical cannabis

The Spanish Ministry of Health has recently announced the opening of the procedures for the development of the Royal Decree with which the regulation of cannabis for medical use will be approved. To date, the text is in the dialogue and discussion phase so that any citizen can make the contributions they consider appropriate for the development of the regulations, being subsequently studied by a team of experts.

The new legislation on medical cannabis that refers to the pharmacology of cannabis, proposed by the Ministry, is defined as a rigorous measure based on scientific evidence. However, periodic evaluations will continue to be carried out to check its effectiveness at all times and the standard will be provided with the maximum possible flexibility so that it could be expanded.

A decision resulting from proven research

The Ministry approaches this regulation based on the conclusions drawn up by the Subcommittee of the Congress of Deputies for the analysis of experiences with the regulation of cannabis for medical use. Clinical research in cannabis calls on the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) to draft a roadmap, validated by the National Plan on Drugs of the Government of Spain.

In this sense, Javier Padilla, Secretary of State for Health, has held meetings with the European Observatory of Cannabis Consumption and Cultivation, as well as with professional associations and scientific societies. Likewise, a meeting is expected in the near future with the Spanish Observatory of Medical Cannabis.

What happens with cannabis cultivation licenses?

In Spain, according to data provided by the AEMPS, the cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic use is allowed to 22 companies, five of them for medical purposes and 17 companies with licenses for research. Similarly, the estimated production calculations of medical cannabis in Spain in 2023 are 23.43 tons, a relatively high figure.

Cannabis cultivation licenses have skyrocketed. The Ministry of Health agency specified that 19,060 kilos, 81% of the forecast for the year, correspond to the production of cannabis for medical purposes. The remaining 4,365 kilos, 19%, were used exclusively for research.

On the other hand, exports of CBD cannabis for therapeutic purposes accounted for 66% of the estimated quantity in 2022, that is, about 4,000 kilos. The remaining 34%, about 2,000 kilos, went to research development.

The keys to the new medical cannabis regulation

The Spanish legislation for medical cannabis without THC is guaranteeing and dynamic, in terms of the quality of the products and the safety of patients, enabling all types of legal avenues to have therapeutic compounds based on preparations.

It has been proven that CBD, in cannabis pharmacology, can relieve pain and suffering in patients, as long as it is administered orally. In addition, it guarantees the incorporation of new elements as more information and the experience of the therapeutic cannabis program becomes available. The United Nations World Health Organization itself recognizes the therapeutic potential of these compounds.

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