Galenic development in the pharmaceutical industry guarantees the desired effect, correct dosage and adequate administration of medications

Galenical development in the pharmaceutical industry is understood as the development of specific pharmaceutical formulas that, in addition to guaranteeing that the substance will produce the desired therapeutic effect in the established time, allows for correct dosage and optimal presentation for its conservation and proper administration. Galenical development involves selecting the most appropriate pharmaceutical formulation for each active substance. To do this, it takes into account essential factors such as bioavailability, route of administration, chemical and physical stability and patient comfort.

Within the galenical development, different formulation preparation methodologies may appear, but always carrying out prior stability studies. Thus, a wide variety of forms can be included: solutions, suspensions, creams, ointments and transdermal patches. Thanks to this discipline, it is possible to know what effect a medication has in the body and what other drugs can be mixed, in what proportion for certain pains, conditions or diseases.

At Netpharmalab, the phases of galenic formulation range from the careful choice of excipients to the design and optimization of the formulation. At all times, exhaustive stability evaluations and release studies are carried out to ensure a consolidated and effective delivery of the active ingredient.

Likewise, at Netpharmalab we understand that galenical development is conceived as personalized and advanced solutions for each client, combining quality with rigorous compliance with international regulations, achieving an unquestionable leadership position.

Elements to consider

The two major disciplines of Galenic Pharmacy are: Pharmaceutical Technology or Pharmacotechnics and Biopharmacy and Pharmacokinetics.

Galenical development as a pharmaceutical formulation of medicines contemplates a series of elements included in Pharmaceutical Technology. These include: methods, techniques and instrumentation in the manufacturing, preparation, composition, dispensing, packaging and storage of drugs and other preparations used in diagnostic procedures, determinations and in the treatment of patients.

Pharmaceutical Technology takes into account Basic Pharmaceutical Operations (process manipulations to obtain an active ingredient and for it to be included in the dosage). This would include spraying, mixing and compression to obtain a tablet, lyophilization or filling capsules.

Likewise, it encompasses the entire set of Pharmaceutical Systems, that is, the intermediate products obtained during the manufacture of a dosage form. In this sense, powdery solids, suspensions and emulsions could be highlighted, for example.

Galenic Pharmacy presents the uniqueness, as a discipline, of connecting directly with Chemical Engineering through Pharmaceutical Technology and with Pharmacology through Biopharmacy and Pharmacokinetics.

Current regulations

The galenical development process in the pharmaceutical industry must respond to a series of fundamental legal requirements and regulations, established as national and international standards.

At Netpharmalab, the process of preparing active substance formulations is carried out following authorized references such as the European Pharmacopoeia, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH). By rigorously maintaining the process, it is possible to guarantee both quality and safety in pharmaceutical development, but always placing itself at the forefront of scientific research.